3 Keys to Restaurant Floor Tile Selection

Restaurant floor tile can seem to be a tricky matter indeed; however, making the right choice for restaurant tile can be as simple as three primary considerations (outside of style of course). Check out the great advice from Atlas Concorde:

1. Slip Resistance

This is one of the most important factors for choosing any commercial floor tile. All commercial porcelain tile should meet a Dynamic Co-Efficient of Friction (DCOF) value of .042 or greater. This is a standard for measuring tile’s frictional resistance, which generally tells us how much traction there is. With areas and industries susceptible to spills, slip resistance is extremely important to keep employees and customers safe.

2. Imperviousness

Essentially, this is a measure of the water absorption rate for a particular tile. Ultimately you want commercial tile and any restaurant floor selection to be impervious, which is an absorption rate of less than 0.5%. This low absorption rate means that when the inevitable drink spill happens, it's a lot less likely to stain the tile. When you want a beautiful front-of-house floor in the restaurant, it's advisable to choose impervious classifications. Plus, it's easier to clean and maintain!

3. Certification

Porcelain tile is the go-to for commercial spaces and for good reason. It tends to handle high traffic areas very well. But there are variances across porcelain tile and quality control is extraordinarily important. We all can't spend time ensuring the materials are properly tested - which is why it is a lot better to simply choose ASTM certified tile. The American Society for Testing and Materials puts its certified tiles under rigorous testing to ensure that you receive the best quality tile.
Atlas Concorde, one of our premier tile suppliers, offers a wide range of restaurant-approved tile flooring and our tile experts at D&B Tile Distributors are happy to help you select a stylish and practical tile, that is best suited for your job at hand. Whether you're working on restaurants, residential dwellings, or general commercial projects we can help you select the appropriate tile. Visit one of our tile showroom locations to learn more.