3 Stunning Ways to Add Texture with Wall Tile

Whether you’re looking for a tile accent wall in your home or a vibrant entranceway inside your office building, textured wall tile can give you a design that’s natural and welcoming. Lately, we’ve seen a big focus on texture and be forewarned; you might actually find people running their fingers across your walls just to feel it. Here are our top choices for adding texture to your design with wall tiles:

Collins 4x4 Natural - Higher Health 11. Reclaimed Wood Tiles

One of our new product offerings is reclaimed wood tile from Everett & Schilling Tile and it’s absolutely gorgeous as a wall tile option. It can give your office or living room a refined and rustic appeal. Or bring balance to a metallic garage design with a reclaimed wood accent wall. There are many beautiful applications that can bring you more in touch with nature and liven up your design with some rustic texture.

2. Natural Stone Tile DSC 0153 copy 3

With natural stone tile, you can transform your space with a clean and smooth texture. Including options from charcoal to pure white stone tiles, these bring a natural elegance to your design. Plus, natural stone tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean, making them perfect as wall tiles for kitchens or heavy traffic areas.

ETIC 04p23. Wood Look Tiles

Bring a timeless texture into your design with wood look tiles. Much easier to maintain than wood and quite a bit less investment, these wall tiles are durable while adding warmth to a room. Plus, with wood look wall tile, you can customize your design with different colors, patterns, and installation techniques.

Because of their durability and application, wall tiles are a great option for adding texture to your next design project. Our tile design experts are available at over nine different South Florida tile stores, so contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our showrooms or check out our design gallery for more inspiration.