4 Pieces of Tile Advice Every New Homeowner Should Know

Making a house feel like your own home is one of the first hurdles a new homeowner has to face. We’ve all seen how beautiful, well-designed tile can bring a room together, but where do you start? You can trust D&B Tile, not just for the highest quality tile but also to equip you with the knowledge you need in-home design in West Palm Beach. Home-Design-West-Palm-Beach

What To Know About Tile

Know Which Tile Works Best

With advancements in the industry, there has been a boom in tile options for home design in West Palm Beach. So, you can choose from several materials and nearly limitless aesthetic choices, but you should always keep in mind where the tile is going to be placed. While glass tile is easy to clean and can be made to match many styles, it might not be the best choice for an outdoor setting since it can be damaged by debris. Porcelain tile, on the other hand, is especially durable and made to withstand the small impacts and scratches that are so common in backyard settings.

Consider Backsplash

The days of colorful wallpaper are behind us. Mosaic tile backsplash has become all the rage in West Palm Beach home design because it adds depth to the aesthetic of your kitchen and provides several design options. Mosaic tile owes its popularity to being:
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in an array of styles
  • Affordable

Use Accents

Glass tile is especially suited to create accents in a room. A room cover on a single type of tile design can look dull and boring. Adding a few designer tile-accents in the form of dots, bands, or stripes, can completely transform a room without the need to break the bank. Think of tile accents like jewelry for a room.

Know the Tile Wear Rating System

A tile’s wear rating determines how strong the material is and how well it can resist scratches and other forms of abrasion. When purchasing a new tile, make sure you ask where it lands on the wear rating chart and makes sure it’s suitable for your intended use. Below are the classes of tile and their optimal use: Class 1: Only for wall applications Class 2: Light Residential Use (should not be placed on locations with heavy traffic) Class 3: Suitable for all residential applications Class 4: Suitable for residential applications and some light commercial use (offices and restaurants) Class 5: Can be used in areas of heavy traffic for residential and commercial applications Ultimately, higher classes tend to be stronger and more suitable for commercial applications; you should always consult your consultant or designer to learn which tile is best for your intended use. Home-Design-West-Palm-Beach

Looking for Beautiful Tile to Step Up Your Home Design in West Palm Beach?

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