Rethink Your Walls with Real American Reclaimed Wood Wall Tiles

Wood Bar TopUsing 75 to 150 year old barn wood, Everitt & Schilling is doing something no one else is – Making neatly crafted, no fuss, easy-to-install wall tile ideal for the commercial and residential design markets. “We’re creating a product for the Tile Industry that’s not currently there but which is growing popular as a design trend,” says factory owner Aaron Everitt. “Building a reclaimed wood wall up to now has been a pretty time-consuming ordeal. We deliver a simple, straight-forward wall tile that can be installed remarkably fast on just about any surface, and the finished results speak for themselves.”


Wood Room


Combing rustic and modern elements has been on trend for a while now, but typically this would fall into the hands of a millworker. E&S Tile is simplifying that process, making it instantly possible for any tile setter to transform any plain wall into an architectural reclaimed wood .


“As a designer myself, it’s incredibly important to me that we deliver a product that’s unique and which makes people proud of their projects,” Mr. Everitt goes onto say.


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