Bathroom Tiles Doral | Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to bathrooms, we all dream of having high ceilings with a spacious and luxurious freestanding bath in a grand setting. But unfortunately, in reality, the majority of us have much smaller bathrooms than those we usually see on TV and movies. You’re focused on the idea of choosing the perfect bathroom tiles Doral, but you have no idea what will work best in a tiny bathroom space. You have to be clever and must consider every decision when designing a small bathroom. Tile can be used as a design element in small bathrooms as it is one of the first things you’ll notice when you step into the room. Can large tiles work in small spaces? Should you choose bright colors for the bathroom tiles? How about the wall tiles? Should you go for an all-white or patterned tile?

Big or Small Tiles – Which is Which?

Sizes of bathroom tiles vary from tiny mosaic tiles to gigantic varieties which can reach meters in length. It is not ideal to use gigantic tiles in small bathrooms though as it can potentially interrupt the pattern of style in the entire room. However, bathroom tiles measuring 30 - 60cm tend to exude a calm feel, perfect for bathrooms with limited space. When considering larger tiles for your small bathroom space, you should go for rectangular-shaped tiles. If you’re a fan of small bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles are the most popular choice and can add as a stunning feature wall. Just refrain from using small tiles with heavy patterns as it can create a busy feel.

Go Light for Small Spaces

One thing to consider when choosing bathroom tiles is the color as it can make an impact in a small bathroom. Most people would choose light colors such as light grey, cream, or white over darker shades. To keep a clean, calm tone in smaller bathrooms, choose a neutral color scheme as it will provide the illusion of more space and it will also be a hit for potential buyers as an added benefit. what are bathroom tiles doral?

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Though there are tons of tiling ideas for your tiny bathroom space you can try, at the end of the day, the choice is always yours. If you need help deciding for the right bathroom tiles Doral, visit our D&B showroom or contact us for more information.