Bathroom Tiles Doral | Factors to Consider Before You Select Bathroom Tiles

When creating or remodeling a bathroom in your home, you will face a myriad of decisions especially choosing the right bathroom tiles. Tiles set the tone for the entire look and feel of the finished space and it is likely to be the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the bathroom. Since there’s an overwhelming choice available when it comes to bathroom tiles Doral, we’ll help you narrow down your choices so you can easily decide for yourself. Should you go for lighter or darker shades? Big or small tile? Shiny or matte? Contemporary or textured? We’ll give you simple tips for choosing bathroom tiles.

Things to Consider Before Settling in With Your Bathroom Tile Choice

  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles shouldn’t be used in areas where water, oil, or grease is expected on the floor both for indoor and outdoor applications. For bathrooms, polished or semi-polished tiles are not recommended to minimize slip risk.
  • Proper care, maintenance, and cleaning will reduce slippery buildup that can result in risky situations and injuries. If you have already decided on a specific tile, always follow manufacturer recommendations for the care and cleaning of tile floors.
  • Keep in mind that no floor tile is “slip-proof”
  • Tile size impacts slip resistance especially in areas with high moisture and frequently exposed to water. Larger tiles increase slip risk as they could result in planar variation that increases the possibility of standing water. Smaller tiles allow for more grout lines, which makes them more agile sloping to the drain.

What You Need to Know About Slip Wear Ratings

Because of the varied selection of tiles, from colors, sizes, designs, patterns, and finishes, you might find it difficult to choose the right tile. The key to choosing the right tile for your bathroom is the slip rating. Tiles are put through a slip rating test to assess the frictional characteristic of the tile surface to determine what is best suited for different environmental conditions. what are bathroom tiles doral?

Ready to Select Your Bathroom Tiles Doral?

If you’ve already figured out what you need and are ready to purchase tiles for your bathroom, visit our D&B Tile showroom for our wide selection of bathroom tiles Doral.