It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom Tile – Here’s What You Need to Know

Did you know that the majority of new prospective homebuyers pay the most attention to the kitchen and master bathroom? A relatively small investment in updating your bathroom can go a long way to increasing the overall value of your home. Not only does beautifully designed and installed bathroom tiles in Hollywood, Florida help to improve the appearance of your home, but it’s also a strategic investment that can yield a lucrative return. D&B Tile is an authority in the Florida tile industry, and we are here to teach you everything you need to know before you update your bathroom tile! where is the best bathroom remodeling palm beach?

Why Do I Need to Replace My Bathroom Tiles?

There are many reasons to replace your bathroom tiles. Here are the three most common reasons:
  1. Mold

The bathroom naturally carries a lot of moisture. Leaks, splashes from the shower, or a faulty sink can lead water to accumulate and create the perfect environment for mold to grow and spread. You can fix the leaks and clean thoroughly, but mold can cling to hard to reach places, making new tile one of the most effective solutions to this problem.
  1. Damage

Depending on how long you’ve had your bathroom tile in Hollywood Florida, damage as a result of regular wear and tear can set in, causing unsightly cracks and even warping. If deterioration has robbed your bathroom of a beautiful aesthetic, then it’s time to make a change.
  1. Trying to Make a Sale

As we mentioned, the bathroom is one of those “make or break” rooms for prospective home buyers. If you wish to increase the sale price of your home without having to undergo expensive repairs, investing in new bathroom tiles in Hollywood Florida can prove to be a cost-effective method of raising the property prize.

What are the Best Types of Tiles to Use in the Bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom tiles, you have a wide range of options to choose from but that doesn’t mean that every tile you find will be right. For the bathroom, glass and porcelain tile will be your optimal choices, and here’s why:

Glass Tile

Glass tile has increased in popularity in recent years and for good reason. This type of tile is very low maintenance, comes in a wide range of color and design options, and provides a beautiful water-resistance surface. Glass tile is especially suited for shower walls and accent pieces.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is the current undisputed champ of bathroom flooring. Although porcelain can run a little more expensive than other options, the combination of attributes of the material makes it a slam dunk choice for just about any room, especially bathrooms. Here’s what porcelain tile brings to the floor: bathroom tile hollywood florida

Want to Learn More About Bathroom Tile in Hollywood, Florida?

You’re already in the right place! Not only can D&B Tile teach you everything you need to know about tile, but we also hold an impressive selection of every tile you could think of. To top it all off, we also have a dedicated team of tile experts to guide you in every step of the way. So, if you need bathroom tiles in Hollywood, Florida, call D&B Tile today!