Bati Orient Bringing the Outdoors Indoors Safely and Beautifully

If you are considering bathroom renovation and want something totally different . . . bring outdoors indoors with Bati Orient’s line of high quality imported pebbles.

The owners of this sprawling older home in Pompano Beach wanted a unique look to their master bath and something that was totally different. The installation had to evoke feelings of being outdoors but also had to be safe under foot for their family, which includes small children. Homeowner Iske Kjos, who has a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Florida, decided on Bati Orient’s GABE03 line. This Beautiful selection of imported stone comes in 30x30 cm sizes, wereused on the floor which extended into an open shower and also used on the walls.

We are very pleased with our choice and find it to be visually appealing, yet very comfortable under foot. Our home has an open space design to it and this installation complements that feeling perfectly.”-Iske Kjos

Bati Orient is a Houston-based supplier. They offer a wide range of products, including slate, basalt, pebble, granite, marble, molten glass, reconstructed stone and quartzite. Visit any of our nine D&B Tile Distributor locations throughout South Florida or contact us for a local dealer in your areafor a complete selection of their products.