Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Features Atlas Concorde from D&B Tile Distributors of Port St. Lucie

When Ernie and Shirley, formerly from Michigan, decided to remodel their Palm City home’s master bathroom, they checked with neighbors and friends and were referred to the D&B Tile store in Port St. Lucie. When they arrived, they were greeted by Roger DeWitt, with Straight Line Tile & Marble, a Port St. Lucie contractor recommended by D&B Tile. D&B salesperson Morgan Meadows handled the transaction.
Cabinets were done by Those Kitchen Guys. Contracting for the quartz and the tile were done by Straight Line Tile.
Before image of the bathroom
"We were very pleased with the overall experience. The selection at the store was more than adequate and we found exactly what we wanted. Roger came to our home and took measurements and handled the order from start to finish. His installer was extremely attentive to detail and the job turned out well. “This was a complete remodel, which meant that the old floor had to be torn out, cabinets, tub and shower had to be removed and plumbing and electrical lines had to be redirected. We acted as general contractor on the project but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. We knew what we wanted and Straight Line and D&B were able to deliver.
Wall tile in the shower is 12x24 White Calacatta Glossy Porcelain. Floor tile is 3x3 Calacatta White Matt Mosaic.
“We weren’t brand conscious. We chose tile that we liked. It was important for us to have small grout lines and a finish that would be safe in the bathroom. We worked with Morgan Meadows, who was very helpful. She took care of the initial order but there always seemed to be something else that was needed. She was very attentive to our needs and took care of all the details. “One of the things we wanted to do was not cut corners. We are normally cost conscious but we weren’t working on a budget with this project. We could have purchased plumbing fixtures for less but they weren’t what we wanted. The cabinet contractor was located next to the D&B store and that was very convenient.
Floor tile used is 12x24 Pearl Fray Pressed Porcelain by Atlas Concorde.
“We had to move electrical and water lines and remove old drywall. We used an electrician recommended by friends and were very happy with him as well. Those Kitchen Guys gave us recommendations for drywall, painting and shower enclosure contractors. We had other estimates, but those recommended worked well and stayed on budget. “Friends and family have all seen the finished project. We even had a local realtor, who is looking to remodel her bathroom, stop by to see the completed project.
During the remodeling process
“Livia Ramirez, along with Those Kitchen Guys, offered design assistance on the project and helped us pick out cabinets and tile. Terry Palmieri with Fancy Faucets and Fixtures, an Associate Partner at D&B Tile, provided all plumbing accessories. We wanted to match the cabinets, floor and tile and eventually made the selections on our own. We’re very happy with the project. “We strongly recommend everyone who was part of this job from D&B Tile to the installer as well as the cabinet/plumbing company. Everything worked well and we are extremely pleased. We began this project in April and it was just recently completed. The tile we selected for the floor was 12x24 Pearl Fray Pressed Porcelain from Atlas Concorde. The shower tile was 12x24 White Calacatta Porcelain from D&B.” Atlas Concorde is a global specialist in premium porcelain and wall tiles for every style and application in residential, commercial and public architecture. Being global specialists means excellence in the level of design and technology in each type of surface, making it possible to always offer designers and end users the best solution for each application. They have offices in Paris, France, office and plant in Modenese, Italy, office and production plant in Moscow, Russia and office and production plant in Franklin, TN, USA. Line Tile & Marble is a tiling specialist that offers acid proofing, backsplash installation, tile countertops and other services. They are based in Port Saint Lucie and are a recommended tile contractor by D&B Tile Distributors. See many selections of porcelain stone by Atlas Concorde, and other beautiful tile, stone and marble selections at our nine conveniently located stores in South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile. Photographs and article by G. Richard Booth