Brilliant Glass Tile Ideas for Your Shower Walls

If you think glass tiles are not a good idea for your shower walls, you’re totally wrong! Glass tile Delray is the perfect tile for this specific job. However, you need to bear in mind that product selections instead of improper installation are essentially the source of a lot of potential tile issues. As a matter of fact, the primary reason why glass tile cracks in the shower are is due to its poor quality and that the tile is not designed to withstand high-moisture areas. Another common reason is the use of water-soluble glue. Using this type of adhesive will only cause your tile to detach from its mesh backing. Thus, it is imperative that you seek the services of a professional so you will be given the right options to choose from. After

Glass Tile Ideas that Will Blow your Mind

Blue Blend

Adding a framed focal point surrounding your shower fixtures can aid in breaking up the neutral-toned tile you have in the bathroom. Glass tile Delray offers a blue blend glass tile to give you a Zen-like shower that gives off a relaxing vibe. Installing an interlocking glass tile in your bathroom with a lovely shade of blue creates a contemporary accent without compromising the beauty of your small shower.

Venetian Café

This type of glass tile Delray design boasts earth tones because of its warm chocolate, taupe, or pale almond ivory accent. Do note that it is best to install 2 strips of Venetian Café glass tiles to give your bathroom a more modern look.

Fossil Canyon

In case you want a more contemporary design, you may take a look at pairing an accent strip of glass tile Delray with large-format tiles. Fossil Canyon is a magnificent tile that mirrors light with its crackle glass touches. This glass tile exquisitely blends with rich brown, warm beige, or cool gray colors. what is glass tile delray?

Choose the Perfect Glass Tile Delray

To get what you’re looking for, it is essential that you discuss your ideal aesthetic and specific needs with one of our professionals. Schedule an appointment today so we can find the perfect shower tile that will suit your taste.