Bring Style to Your Kitchen with a Feature Wall

FEATURE WALL - CopyTile isn't just for thekitchen floor. Show offyour style by creating a unique feature wall.You can create an inviting atmosphere that will turn your kitchen into the center of your home.Kitchen tile comes in a variety of colors and materials to match any style.

Do you love the natural look of wood? Use our wood look tile for a bold feature wall that brings the beauty of the outside right into your kitchen. For a more subtle look, surround your island with the warmth ofrepurposedwood.If you wish to match the existing wood flooring throughout your house, our large selection of wood look tile is sure to meet your needs.Wood look tile and repurposed wood are available in a variety of wood types and colors.

Do you prefer the simple elegance of the color white? Createa feature wall covered in gorgeous Norstone whiterock panels. The textured stone is clean and timeless- the perfect addition to a modern kitchen. Our porcelain tile provides a similar style with gorgeous veins of color in a smooth finish.

For a more modern touchGal GlassBlox 2 LO, incorporate linear mosaic tile into your design. This style is available in metallic finishes as well as marble and glass. The variegated lengths of tile creates an elongating effect, perfect for a smaller area. You can use this look above a table, to frame a doorway, or to highlight your island.

Whatever your needs, we have everything for your kitchen tiling project - from the tiles to tools, and everything in between.Be sure to visit our photo gallery for these and more great style ideas.Let us knowhow we can help you createthe kitchen of your dreams.