Ceramic Tile For a Safe & Healthy Home

Recently, the TCNA published a resource paper which covers the reasons why ceramic tile is not only a good choice for design purposes but also a good choice for a safe and healthy home. You can read the full resource paper at the TCNA Bulletin Ceramic Tile: For a Safe and Healthy Home and we’ll be outlining it below. In comparison to other floor types, ceramic tile is a great choice for home installations because of many reasons. First, it is long-lasting which is great for families that don’t want to go through new flooring installations every few years. Ceramic tile is also easy to clean and by default more hygienic than other flooring such as carpet. It also is non-flammable and doesn’t produce any smoke in the case of a fire. Many options are chemical-free and made purely from natural materials such as clay. And finally, ceramic tile comes in a variety of slip-resistant options perfect for indoor or outdoor use, such as by your pool. According to the TCNA, “Ceramic Tile does not contain the chemicals in other floor coverings that are receiving increased attention for their possible adverse health effects, such as formaldehyde, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or PVC (polyvinyl chloride).” We’ve all probably heard stories about formaldehyde, or at least laughed about it while watching Mrs. Doubtfire, but it’s no joke when it’s lurking around your home. As the TCNA points out, “Formaldehyde is a chemical long associated with respiratory disorders, and exposure is a particular concern for children and the elderly, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)…as a fired product, ceramic tile is formaldehyde-free and not subject to this.” Also, amongst the many flooring choices, ceramic tile is one of the safest options, especially when slip and fall safety is a consideration. There are thousands of options in ceramic tile that are slip-resistant, even when they are wet. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications like pool decks or patios and also makes it an ideal choice for indoor applications such as bathrooms or living areas with children or elderly people. Many other flooring types must be kept dry in order to be slip resistant. Finally, ceramic tile is not only safe and healthy for your home, it is also one of the better choices when the environment is considered. According to the TCNA Bulletin, “North American-made ceramic tile has the lowest environmental impact across all impact categories when compared to other floorings with generic EPDs evaluated under the same product category rules. With a 60-year service life, this makes ceramic tile both cost-effective and the best choice for reducing negative environmental impacts, resource use, and demolition waste when comparing to flooring products that need to be replaced more frequently.” Again, to read the full bulletin and resources, please view the article Ceramic Tile: For a Safe and Healthy Home. You can also visit any of D&B Tile’s nine South Florida showroom locations or our online tile store to view the many ceramic tile options.