Ceramic Tile Trends at CERSAIE 2022

As previously discussed, we recently visited CERSAIE 2022. Conferences like these are wonderful, allowing us to understand the latest trends. They also help us find suppliers who can help us stock our stores with porcelain tile in Miami and throughout the rest of the state. 

One of the panels most specific to our interests was Cristina Faedi’s “The Italian industry of ceramics: products & trends at Cersaie 2022.” Italy is a worldwide driver of tile trends, so today we want to dive deep and discuss some of the trends mentioned in the talk.  

If you want to check out the video, it’s available in both English and Italian! 

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The Two Major Forces Driving Ceramic Tile Trends 


Like so much else in our world today, quarantine and the pandemic revolutionized the way we look at the interiors of our homes. Many of these trends were catalyzed by the feeling of being stuck inside. 

This explains in part why people want to feel closer to nature, why they want their homes to feel luxurious, and more. 

Different Generations

It’s also important to note the differing relationships that generations have with consumerism. As Cristina explains in the video, there’s a lot of contrast and duality in these trends. 

This can be explained by the fact that Baby Boomers and Generation Z grew up in completely different worlds. As Millennials and Generation X get older, we have four different generations that have a major impact on the marketplace. 

This means it’s useful to note both the trends and countertrends. For example, while biophilic design is becoming increasingly popular, there’s also a significant group of homeowners more drawn to bright colors in 2022. 

The Trends

  • Contrast – Contrast is visually interesting. Some homeowners are combining handmade aesthetics with more technological, mass-produced ones. Others are achieving contrast using varying colors. 
  • Luxury – All the time spent inside made us want to elevate our interiors, which perhaps explains the increasing popularity of marble-look ceramic tile. This tile can help you design a luxurious but practical interior. 
  • Nature – We've discussed biophilic design on this blog before, but essentially, people want to feel connected with nature, especially if they spend most of their day inside. For this reason, we’re seeing more tile that uses nature-inspired designs or colors. 

Incorporating These Trends Into Your Home 

Color is one major way to incorporate these themes into your home. Violet is especially reflective of this year’s themes, since it marks the transition between blue and red.  

That said, biophilic colors are at play here too, and many homeowners resonate with tile that looks like clay, water, or foliage. 

If you’re looking to incorporate contemporary tile trends into your next project, it’s important to visit a tile store. While there, you can actually see all the different tiles available and get a better understanding of what is possible. 

If you ask one of our representatives, they’ll be happy to discuss tile trends with you. It can also be useful to speak with an interior design expert.

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