Last month, our CEO and President Rudy Llerena attended CERSAIE 2022, a tile exhibition that received over 90,000 attendees. 

Attending these conventions is an important part of what we do: they allow us to find the latest and greatest offerings in the industry, which in turn helps us ensure we’re properly stocking our tile stores in Hollywood, Florida, and the rest of South Florida. 

Today, we wanted to talk a bit about CERSAIE 2022 and explain how it fits into our overall strategy for finding the best tile on the market.

conference for Tile Stores in Italy


What Is CERSAIE 2022? 

CERSAIE is an international conference where tile vendors, architects, designers, and more all get together to appreciate tile and talk about the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the previous year. 

It’s no surprise that this seminar is such a great opportunity in the tile space: it’s located in Italy, one of the leading lights of ceramic design and craftsmanship. 

The main event is the 150,000 square meters of exhibition space, a significant portion of which is devoted to ceramics. Looking at all this tile makes it clear which trends are most in vogue among tile buyers. For instance, 2022 saw a major focus on floral patterns and decorative surfaces.  

We’ve covered biophilic design in the past, and why it’s seen a recent resurgence in the past few years. 

We’ve also discussed how the ceramic production process makes decorative surfaces possible.  The glaze of the porcelain can be made to recreate brush strokes, or even the look of different materials. 

Along with spotting trends, we can also look for the product lines that will best serve our clients. 

Meeting suppliers to find tile for our tile stores in hollywood florida and the rest of south florida

What Else Can You Do at CERSAIE 2022? 

While we spent a lot of time during those five days is spent looking at ceramic offerings, there’s also plenty of time to network with other professionals and attend seminars. Many architects attend, and in fact, six leading international architecture firms attended this year. 

The events include: 

  • Archincont(r)act 
  • Building, Dwelling, Thinking 
  • Cersaie Designs Your Home 
  • Tiling Town 

How We Find the Highest-Quality Tile 

One of the key promises we make is that you can find high-quality, design-forward tile whenever you visit one of our stores. Our standards are high, which means we spend a significant amount of time vetting product lines. 

We look at the vendor’s: 

  • Reliability 
  • Material Sourcing 
  • Reputation 
  • Manufacturing Process 
  • Inventory 
  • Quality Control 
  • Sustainability 

Examining a vendor’s supply chain and only working with the best partners can be time-consuming, but we know the time spent is worth it.

For instance, we were happy to see Atlas Concorde's presence at CERSAIE 2022. We've been proudly stocking their product lines for years.

CERSAIE is just one of the exhibitions we attend to find tile. For more, take a look at our write-up of Coverings 2022.

Tile stores in hollywood italian conference

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