Colorful & Textural Walls that Stand Out: A Spotlight on Crossville’s Latest Wall Tiles

Wall tile can completely change the look and feel of a space and it’s for more than just bathrooms these days. Whether it’s an accent wall or all the walls in a room, wall tile offers a variety of options to create awe-inspiring focal points. Crossville often touts their creative solutions for interior designers and there’s good reason. Between the Crossville Handwritten Wall Tile line, inspired by handmade craftsmanship, and the Crossville Simpatico Wall Tile line, which offers dimensional and textured tiles, your design dreams can be achieved. According to Crossville, “Handwritten puts creative wall tile solutions at your fingertips. Inspired by the nuances of handmade craftsmanship, this collection captures the look of artisanal tile in a product that offers consistent, quality execution. Designers can author custom patterns with Handwritten’s range of shapes and sizes, offered in a robust color palette that blends bold hues and classic neutrals. With so many noteworthy options, designers are empowered to leave their distinct, creative signatures on interior walls.” From neutrals like Post Card, Pen Pal, and Unscripted to bright colors like Gold Leaf and Love Letter, your design options are endless. Focus on clean, neutral installations, add a pop of color, or go bright and fun with full color like the installations below. Crossville Handwritten Porcelain Tile Crossville Handwritten Porcelain Tile Crossville Handwritten Porcelain Tile Crossville Handwritten Porcelain Tile Crossville Handwritten Porcelain Tile Crossville describes Simpatico wall tile as, “Easy to work with, versatile, and fun—Simpatico is your best friend for interior wall tile design that’s up for anything. Mix and match with 12 x 24 and 6 x 24 field tiles offered in five luxe, neutral hues that are compatible even with other tiles or surfacing materials. Go glam with a quartet of glossy, artsy accent colors. Make a statement with a selection of dimensional tiles that add texture, shape, and shadow. Whether you need a sidekick or a superstar for your project, Simpatico is a kindred spirit in design. It’s the wall tile you’ll turn to because it goes anywhere for any look and brings everything together simply and stylishly.” With the main textures of Cube, Organic, Pixel, and Botanic, you can balance neutral textures with flat colors like Kinship, Cohort, and Soulmate. Check out the installations below. For all of Crossville’s latest designs visit D&B Tile’s Crossville inspiration gallery. Stop by any of D&B Tile’s South Florida tile stores and speak with our tile experts to explore all the options from Crossville and more.