Crossville Plant Tours: A Fun and Educational Experience for our A&D Community

From left to right: Holly Harris (Holly Harris Designs), Nedge Louis-Jacques (Thomas Tillberg Design & Associates), Anette Smith (AES Interiors and Associates, Inc.), Marilee Maddox (Jennifer Lang Designs), Heidi Roberts (D&B Tile), Lauren Hastings (LSI Designs)
Each year, D&B Tile and Crossville host a trip to the Crossville plants in Tennessee for the architecture and design community. The plant tours are an educational event that also introduces the community to the latest technologies and trends in the industry. The event starts by meeting in the downtown Nashville hotel for a night out to dinner where guests can network and get to know each other better. The next morning, we all get together for breakfast and then hop on a bus over to Crossville’s Plant 4. Once at the plant, we receive a warm welcome from Crossville reps who will give us a personal tour through the facility. After the tour, we depart for Hovmand Center where we enjoy a catered lunch and more presentations. Crossville’s VP tells us the Crossville story and then they showcase the newest products followed by a tech talk. Most designers rave about the quality of information they get to bring home after this experience, but the fun doesn’t stop there. After the day at Crossville, we all meet again for dinner in downtown Nashville before departing on our flights the next morning. The next Crossville plant tour trip is scheduled for August 28th – August 30th so if any architects or designers are interested in attending, please contact Heidi Roberts. Check out some of our photos and testimonials from the most recent trip: “I would like to thank Crossville for the educational tour and seminars which have enhanced my knowledge regarding tile composition and attributes. The wonderful cultural experience and dining at the Smith House was amazing! Again, thank you for the hospitality and the broad scope of knowledge the employees from Crossville conveyed to us. In this era, most Companies are not so focused on education as they are on the bottom line, it was refreshing to have such a successful enriching event!” – Annette E. Smith, AES Interiors & Associates Inc. “For me the trip was great as planned. You all were great host & hostesses. I like that each time we go there is a new surprise guest or twist, it keeps the trips interesting. My favorite part of trip was seeing the historical landmarks and dinner in historical buildings with a story & special guests. My second favorite was the Jazz Blues Bar located in a touristy part of Nashville filled with great music & again a special guest. It was a real stand out trip and both you and Crossville were great hosts all the way through. All we had to do was show up.” – Debra L Breslauer, Tomas Tillberg Design & Associates I agree that the trip was great as planned. I can add that the plant tour itself was so educational. I enjoyed both the tour and the fun evenings. Dinner at the Standard, such a historical place was unbelievable. Really appreciate the attention to details in making us feel special and welcome. Loved it.” – Nedge Louis-Jacques, Tomas Tillberg Design & Associates