Tiling over tile has never been fast or easy...until NOW!

Custom Building Products MBP

Regardless of whether you own a home or a shopping mall, if your tiled floor needs to be replaced you don't have to put up with jackhammers, dust and disruption. If your tiled flooring is more than ten years old, you may want to consider a new look. You can do that for far less than you think with MPB by Custom Building Products.

This is the solution to priming problem surfaces. This ready-to-use single component primer is unsurpassed for its adhesion to difficult substrates. It can be used on non-porous and porous surfaces and no shot blasting or scarification is needed. And, it works on walls as well as floors.

MBP is a crucial component of Custom Building Product's high-performance flooring preparation system and delivers powerful bonding that is eligible for a lifetime warranty. MBP Multi-Surface Bonding Primer is specifically designed to work with their professional-quality line of mortars and self-leveling underlayments. Rely on MBP when you need unsurpassed adhesion to challenging surfaces.

Take a fresh look at your floors and tiled walls. Save money, time and frustration with MPB by Custom Building Products. Eliminate the costly tear-out and enjoy a new look for minimal cost. Readily available in all nine locations of D&B Tile Distributors.