Service, Selection, Reputation & Price ... D&B Tile & Crossville Used in Hollywood Rehab Facility

D&B Tile anMichelle Thomasd Crossville Tile were used exclusively throughout the sprawling facility in Hollywood. "We wanted soothing colors, with a non-slip surface. The tile also had to be durable and at a good price. We got all of that and more with D&B Tile Distributors. After looking at brochures, we went to the Sawgrass location and worked with Sandi Bavota. She had everything ready for us and the selection was easy.

"It was very helpful to see the tile first-hand and to be able to coordinate the color scheme. We're very pleased and would recommend D&B to anyone, said Michelle Thomas.

rehab entrance
AcTania Hartlecording to Tania Hartley, "This was actually a continuation of a remodel done some eight years prior and we used Crossville throughout on that one. We were pleased with the job then and decided to continue with D&B Tile and Crossville lie for this latest renovation."


"I've been Kirt Belfin the business for more than 47 years and have worked closely with D&B for most of that time. I started dealing with them when they only had the one store here in Hollywood. As with all jobs, there are always tweaks that have to be made. We ran short by seven tiles. Sandi stepped in and took care of that in a quick and orderly fashion. That was greatly appreciated," said Kirt Bell, contractor on the project.

"We are commercial contractors and have built everything from banks, condos and office buildings. We work with D&B Tile because they have everything we need on the job. They just make it easy."

Laundry room