Improving Your Bottom Line

Random Thoughts on the tile industry by Dave Yarborough, President, D&B Tile Distributors. There has been much written and said about the current economic situation. And this is not the time or place to rehash who's fault it is or which so-called "stimulus plan" will work. So let's just cut to the chase. Effective immediately all tools will be discounted 10% for the entire year in all nine stores! This offer cannot be combinded with any other discount and is not retroactive. Now is the time to upgrade the tools of your trade. Speak with any of out inside sales staff to learn more. As a company, we have survived tough economic times before and will again in the future. Our organization has survived and grown because we plan for the long-term and don't take unnecessary risks. We have grown to nine stores in Florida covering the area from Orlando down through South Miami and the Florida Keys. Our philosophy from day one has been to protect our customers and offer them the best products and the lowest rates possible. For contractor customers, we offer continuing education and training in all areas of our business. In fact, if you look at front page of our website, you will see the schedule for the latest round of seminars conducted by the National Tile Contractors Association and hosted by us. These training sessions will be held at four of our locations and are free. However, due to limited space, you must register in advance to hold your spot. Finally, we spend a great deal of time training your employees especially our sales staff and warehouse crews. Take the time to speak with them during your next visit to our stores. Ask them about new products that will help you improve your bottom line. If you don't have a tile job next week, go after some grout cleaning. We have products that will make your job easier. Finally, don't even think about building a showroom for your customers. We have finished renovations on all of our stores and feature shower and kitchen vignettes and other installations that will impress and inspire your customers. Bring them in to show them the latest and newst products in the industry. See you in March at our training seminars!