The Best Products at The Best Prices

Random thoughts on the tile industry by Dave Yarborough, President, D&B Tile Distributors
Well, there are some encouraging signs on the horizon. We are starting to see some bright spots in the housing industry, Wall Street is looking better and…. We’re all still here! When these inevitable economic situations unfold, they eventually work themselves out. You can argue about government intervention, stimulus or just plain luck. Personally, I like to think it is the free market economy at work. During these times, the weak fall and the strong survive. You don’t survive unless you have put yourself in a position to do so by structuring your company properly. We’ve all seen construction companies pop up, make a flourish… then disappear leaving a trail of problems behind them. D&B tile Distributors was founded nearly 50 years ago and we have experienced steady, measured growth because we had a plan. Basically, that plan was to provide the best products we could find at the best prices with outstanding customer service. Regardless of whether you are a multi-million dollar customer or a homeowner interested in a bathroom remodel, you will see products tastefully presented only after we have done extensive research to determine their quality and durability. We constantly watch for new products or services to offer that will benefit our contractor customers as well as area families looking quality. For example, in this newsletter (Please go to our newsletter section in the about us drop down menu to view the summer edition), we describe our newly-acquired exclusive process called Q-Seal. This patented service allows us to permanently seal your natural stone and protect it from water, stain and scratches – forever! And, it doesn’t matter if you bought it from us. While you are browsing our totally remodeled showrooms, watch for our line of specialty products like the line of frameless shower doors and designer sinks on display. We also carry the latest in grout cleaning and sealing supplies for our contractors and homeowners. The selection, pricing and service grows from our commitment to the design community which spills over to our retail customers. Our design team spends their time working with professional interior designers, architects, specifies and engineers to market our products and keep up with current trends in the field. They are constantly looking for new markets and needs within the design community. When those needs are identified, we literally conduct worldwide searches to locate plants and suppliers who will deliver these carefully designed, products and services to our showrooms in a timely manner and at a price that we can pass on to our customers. Walk into any of our showrooms and see for yourself. The reason we are here and successful is because of the products we offer, the prices we charge and the service we are famous for.