D&B Tile Poised and Ready for South Florida Construction Boom

CityPlace DoralAccording to D&B Tile’s President and CEO Harold Yarborough, “The construction industry in our area is experiencing a robust period of growth. We have seen this coming for some time now following conversations with the design community and planners. Because of our area’s favorable weather, natural attractions and steadily increasing population, we are seeing a surge in construction activity that may be unparalleled. “You don’t have to look far to see what’s happening. Ground has been broken for what has been labeled as the ‘world’s biggest shopping center’ under construction in Miramar. Named The American Dream, the mega-mall will occupy more than 200 acres or double the size of the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis and is expected to involve 25,000 construction workers and employ tens of thousands of our residents. “Taking shape in Doral is another mega project called CityPlace Doral developed by The Related Group. This is a master-planned, mixed-use complex that opened in January 2017. Nestled in the dynamic employment center of Doral in the heart of Miami-Dade County, CityPlace Doral combines the vision of world-renowned architects, designers, and artists to create the next crown jewel of prosperous living, dining, entertainment and upscale shopping in one of South Florida’s fastest growing cities. A new and popular restaurant in CityPlace Doral features Crossville 24x24 and 12x24 Speakeasy Whiskey Lullaby. The contractor was Twins Flooring out of Coral Springs. “Our business plan is based on our strong ties to the design community, including architects, engineers, specifiers and interior decorators. Because of that relationship, we knew this was coming for some time,” said Yarborough. “When the economy is poised for a resurgence, construction activity is best gauged by the activity of the design community. Our team of design professionals is constantly in touch with this group and well aware of what was coming. We constantly screen new products and manufacturers to assure our customers that we have the newest and most desirable selection of ceramic and porcelain tile, marble and stone from America and around the world. What you see on the floor in this upscale restaurant is an example of ground-breaking technology and market research from Crossville, one of the leading tile manufacturers in America and exclusively offered by D&B Tile Distributors. “Equally at home in a commercial or residential setting, this tile is reminiscent of a bygone era of the ‘roaring 20’s’ but contemporary for today’s taste for the wood-look in tile that has overtaken the market. This is Speakeasy Whiskey Lullaby and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. “Consider this beautiful line of tile from an American manufacturer for your next project. We knew the boom was coming and we have this and many other lines stocked in all nine warehouses at our locations. Remember the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.” Photos and article by G. Richard Booth 954-295-2154.