The Evolution of the Concrete Pond to Design with Tile

Surfaces Volcan PoolIt has been more than 50 years since the Clampetts aka the Beverly Hillbillies discovered oil on their property "back east" and headed west to California where they bought a mansion and discovered a "concrete pond" in the back yard. Anyone over the age of 50 will recall that only the extremely wealthy could afford such a luxury. Fast forward to modern times and the concrete pond has evolved into a standard feature in many homes in south Florida.

It has evolved from a rectangular shape with a three-foot concrete deck to become a centerpiece in many sizes and shapes and is often highlighted with waterfalls, spas, sliding boards, fiber optic lighting, landscaping and certainly with tile. Tile around the waterline. Tile on the bottom in the shapes of sea creatures. Tile around the spa and under the waterfall. Tile has become the signature feature used to highlight pool shapes and design.

One of the most popular lines available at D&B Tile Distributors is the Volcanic Collection. This unique collection is a one-of-a kind sensation. It brings a stunning look and brilliant color to any surface. It is mesh mounted and is available in the four colors shown here. They are 12 x 12 sections and can be used in commercial and residential applications in any wet environment, including backsplashes and showers, as well as pools and patios.

You can see these products at any of our nine locations in south Florida or any of our authorized dealers.

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