Designing Your Bathroom Backsplash

Backsplashes are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms: two areas where your walls are most likely to be exposed to water. They’re designed to protect these walls from moisture, which can damage drywall over time. 

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or building a new one from scratch, it’s important to consider how your backsplash can impact the overall design of the room. 

Since we sell porcelain tile in Miami and throughout the rest of South Florida, we often work with homeowners, designers, and contractors to help them find the best backsplash in a space. 

Today, we’d like to discuss why backsplashes are so important, as well as explaining some of the things to consider when choosing the right one for your bathroom. We hope this helps you create the bathroom of your dreams! 

beautiful porcelain tile backsplash in miami

Backsplash Design

In some cases, backsplashes are small, just protecting the area immediately behind the sink. However, some homeowners prefer to have their backsplashes take up a much larger portion of the wall. In some cases, they can even match the wall and backsplash tile with the floor tile. 

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and will vary based on the design of the rest of your bathroom or kitchen. 


One of the major factors influencing the look of your backsplash will be your vanity. Before choosing your backsplash, you’ll need to decide whether: 

  • Your sink won’t have a vanity. 
  • Your sink will have a standing vanity. 
  • Your sink will have a floating vanity. 

Each of these options changes the amount of tile that will be visible behind your sink. For instance, a standing vanity takes up a significant amount of space on a wall, while a sink with a floating vanity allows you to see the tile both above and below the vanity. 

Of course, along with design considerations, you’ll want to determine how much space you actually want below your sink.  Standing vanities tend to provide the most storage area, whereas small sinks without vanities are ideal for areas where you don’t need much storage. 

Why We Recommend Porcelain Tile for Backsplashes 

When choosing bathroom tile, we typically recommend that homeowners choose porcelain. It comes with a number of advantages that make it ideal for bathrooms. It’s: 

  • Moisture Resistant 
  • Bacteria Resistant 
  • Stain Resistant 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Aesthetically Versatile 

This aesthetic versatility is key, since it means your options are limitless. Whether you want to follow the latest design trends or have a specific vision you want to stick to, porcelain tile is a great choice. 

Our friends at WhyTile recently outlined some of the looks that porcelain backsplashes can have. If you’re still not sure which direction you’d like to go in, we also recommend taking a look at our bathroom tile inspiration gallery!

Miami backsplash made of porcelain tile

Looking for Porcelain Tile in Miami? 

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