“I Don't Want Tile because It's Cold in the Winter . . . “

We have all heard it before, especially from our friends up north. “Everyone has tile in South Florida. That must be really cold in the winter. Why don't they use wall-to-wall carpet? Do you have to have rugs on the floor to stay warm?” Porcelain tile is the most versatile flooring for South Florida because it is cool in the summer and can easily be warm, if needed, in the winter. All it takes is a little imagination and planning. There are a number of easy solutions for warming the tile but none easier than Protecto Wrap's Peel and Heat Complete. peel and heat protectowrap This is a unique floor warming and crack isolation system installed under thin-set installations of tile and stone. Peel and Heat Complete is a safe and efficient electric floor-warming product for interior applications. It is generally intended for installation below tile, stone, other masonry and wood flooring materials in residential and moderate commercial installations. Completely unseen, Peel and Heat Complete combines easy Peel and Stick installation with anti-fracture protection to provide warmth and comfort to flooring surfaces. There is no need for self-leveling and comparable products. You can install the flooring the same day Peel and Heat Complete is installed. The self-adhering properties of Peel and Heat heating elements eliminate the thin-set or self-leveling installation step typically associated with other systems. This saves time and material costs. Mats can be installed by anyone; a licensed electrician should make the electrical connections. And, the system is environmentally friendly with an energy usage of only 12 watts per square foot. The 120v Thermostat handles up to 120 square feet, efficiently delivering heat where it is most effective . . . at your feet rather than blowing forced air into the middle/top of the ambient room environment that rises straight to the ceiling. Peel and Heat Complete is the only peel and stick, primerless, cut-to-fit, ground wired in-floor heating system in an ultra-thin profile. This quick and simple peel and stick mat’s length can be cut down to fit the room’s layout right out of the box with no dry or curing time needed. Peel and stick, run the pre-wired mat into the thermostat (sold separately) and then into a designated 20 AMP breaker. So, the next time your friends or family from Buffalo (which has three feet of snow on the ground at this time) tells you that tile can be cold and uncomfortable to walk on. Just tell them that, with a little planning and Peel and Heat Complete, they can be toasty warm when the temperature plunges into the low 70's. For information and to purchase Peel and Heat Complete, visit any of our nine conveniently located stores in South Florida. Warm floors are an easy option when buying your tile at D&B Tile Distributors. Remember the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.