Dramatic Changes at Temple Beth El Using Crossville and Atlas Concorde from D&B Tile

When Architect Stephan Yeckes called Suzi Addessa & Associates, he asked her to take a look at the banquet hall at Temple Beth El. The structure was built back in the 60’s and this large space had previously been a basketball court. It was currently used for wedding receptions and other social functions. It was also rented out for non-member events.
The renovated Katz Pavilion is now an attractive public use area featuring low maintenance porcelain tile, new lighting system with chandeliers and wall-mounted digital display to replace the dated stage setting.
“At the time, it was carpeted and very dated. In addition, the adjacent gallery area was also carpeted and also in need of an upgrade. That area contained administrative offices for the temple. They wanted to update the hall to attract banquets and receptions and market the space to the general public. They definitely needed to replace the dated carpet and replace it with low-maintenance tile, said Suzi.
Public space previously featured dated stage, carpet and drop ceiling. Now replaced with digital wall display, porcelain tile and chandeliers.
“I recommended rectified porcelain tile with small grout joints. The challenges with the large space included the high ceilings and design. I needed to break it up but keep it cohesive and allow it to flow into the adjacent gallery space.
Designer Suzi Addessa drew inspiration from the extensive use of wood in the Temple and extended that into the renovated Katz Paviliion and gallery areas with Crossville wood look 36” porcelain tile planks.
“We built columns and tied in the floor pattern to both spaces with 24”x24” Ivory Motion by Atlas Concorde. Then we inset Nest Joyous Olive 6”x36” wood plank porcelain tiles from Crossville to tie it all together. My inspiration for this came from the extensive use of wood in the Temple itself. This needed to be tied in with similar design. There were elements of design in the temple I wanted to carry into the hall. “Nearly 6,500 sq/ft of tile were installed by Arden Construction, Inc., who was hired by the Temple. During the renovation there were upgrades needed in air conditioning and other basics to bring it up to current standards. They had a stage that was seldom used. We pulled the wall forward and installed a large digital screen.
The rectified porcelain wood-look tile from Crossville highlighting the 24x24 tile from Atlas Concorde was continued from the renovated Katz Pavilion into the gallery area. This had prevously been a carpeted office space with no natural light. Now it is an inviting open gallery flooded with light and low-maintenance tile from D&B Tile.
“They did mudset the area to make sure joints were tight. The floor in the large area wasn’t level and had to be floated. The gallery area was dark and dingy with one large office. “There was a building committee appointed by the Temple. We met weekly. I developed the design concept with renderings and color presentation boards. They bought it on first sight. I picked Atlas and Crossville because they are good quality products and come from D&B Tile, which is a long-time source of materials for me. I worry about long boards not being level or crooked and I know Crossville would not be a problem. These are 36” planks.” Suzi Addessa & Associates Inc. is recognized as a leading-edge interior design service firm and responsive to emerging technologies and industry trends. The firm is respected for its high standards in interior design, and reputation for client satisfaction. D&B Tile salesperson on the job was Donna Harris, with the West Palm Beach location of D&B Tile. Atlas Concorde is a global specialist in premium porcelain and wall tiles for every style and application in residential, commercial and public architecture. Being global specialists means excellence in the level of design and technology in each type of surface, making it possible to always offer designers and end users the best solution for each application. They have offices in Paris, France, office and plant in Modenese, Italy, office and production plant in Moscow, Russia and office and production plant in Franklin, TN, USA. Crossville is an American manufacturer. As the first tile manufacturer in Tennessee (est. 1986), Crossville is the leading American manufacturer of beautiful, sustainable solutions that advance the frontiers of tile design. From introducing the nation’s first large-format porcelain tiles, to becoming the first and only net consumer of tile waste materials (meaning they recycle even more than they produce), to developing cutting-edge performance innovations that turn mere surfaces into “breathing” living environments—they are committed to pioneering products and practices that change the way the world views tile. See many selections of porcelain stone by Atlas Concorde, Crossville and other beautiful tile, stone and marble selections at our nine conveniently located stores in South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile. Photographs and article by G. Richard Booth