Enjoy Elegance in Stone: Marble Tile

Few building materials can match the unparalleled elegance of marble. With its soft glow and its natural veining and coloring, is it any wonder it has graced palaces, cathedrals, and great works of art? When sumptuous, natural beauty is required for your home or business, marble tile is the answer. True, it is more difficult for your contractor to work with than other materials--the shades of color within the stone must be matched perfectly and the tiles must be properly sealed. True, marble is more difficult to maintain than other tiles. But nothing can match its elegance and refined beauty. What makes this beautiful stone so difficult? Remember that it is a natural, porous stone. Calcareous stone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, a chemical compound commonly found in natural stone, shells and pearls. It is difficult for your contractor to install because the patterns of shading and veining are wildly diverse in nature--you can find pink, gray, brown, black, even blue veins and swirls-- the tiles must be matched perfectly, usually sourced from the same stone quarry and the same stone, so the colors are consistent throughout your installation. The porous nature of the stone means that the tiles must be sealed. The tiles must be cleaned with a gentle cleaner designed specifically for marble. Calcium carbonate is sensitive to acidic solutions so mild, non-acidic cleaners are recommended. Great care must be taken because the marble can become stained if drinks or food are spilled. Even if your marble tile is sealed, it is not stain proof. Yet relax, most stains can be removed--they are not permanent. If you are ready to enjoy the exquisite beauty of marble tiling, D&B Tile Distributors can recommend expert contractors for marble tile installation. We can source marble tiles and supplies that are needed for your project. We also carry a full range of sealing and cleaning products for you to maintain your masterpiece, once it is installed. For further information, don't hesitate to contact us.