Wood Look Tile Get's Warm Smiles

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According to Maria Toledo, Showroom Sales Manager ofD&B Tile of Doral, the Etic Tatami by Atlas Concorde is one of the most popular tiles for both residential and commercial customers. "The wood look porcelain tilesare all the rage with homeowners and the design community. When customers ask about this new look in tile, we show them the Atlas line and they can't believe what they are seeing. Tiles that look and feel like wood, without the hassle of maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the Atlas line offers a tremendous variety of sizes, colors and textures. Finally, it is certifiably Italian!"


ETIC 04p2Atlas Concorde Solution ceramic collections have been created to complete the existing wide product range of Atlas Concorde. They represent a selection of ceramic tiles designed and produced to meet the needs of a broader market segment, combining the traditional values of Atlas Concorde- attention to trends in fashion, design and architecture, attention to the detail, exceptional quality and excellent customer care- with functionality, offering a range of products accessible and easy to use. Every new collection of the Atlas Concorde Solution range is the result of a research focused on contemporary trends. Constant updates and freshness of style, attention to architectural needs and care of the details, innovation and technical quality are the distinctive characteristics of the Atlas Concorde Solution product offer for a captivating and appealing design.


According to Maria, "Atlas Concorde ceramics can boast the Ceramics of Italy mark; this mark can only be included on Made in Italy ceramic products which are truly produced by manufacturers who are members of Confindustria Ceramica and who have adhered to the Ethical Code, which requires ceramic tile producers to clearly state the origin of their products."


As the newest member of D&B Tiles' Marketing Committee, Maria notes that her position as show­ room manager gives her the opportunity to gather customer feedback and use that to help form marketing decisions.


news07Because of the extremely high interest in the wood look tiles, she has recommended this particular line to most of her customers and has been able to meet and exceed their expectations.


Etic is an intense, natural and genuine wood look, rich in charm and history. It is a collection that is a faithful reinterpretation of seven fine wood essences, each with its own tradition, look and charm. Etic is a full-body colored porcelain stoneware collection that brings the natural fascination of wood to contemporary venues.


The entire line of Atlas Concorde tiles imported from Italy, is available for viewing and purchase at all nine convenient tile store locations of D&B Tile Distributors and any of our authorized dealers. Stop by today and experience the look, feel and rich colors of this exciting tile from one of the leading manufacturers in the world presented by one of the oldest tile distributors in south Florida.