How Big Should My Grout Lines Be?

Tile design is more complicated than it might seem. For instance, something as simple as installing bathroom tiles in Hollywood, Florida, also requires you to determine how long and how wide the grout lines need to be.


Why Does Grout Width Matter? 

If the grout is too thin, it may not harden properly. This causes cracks and holes to form. The grout needs to be thick enough to expand and contract as necessary with the temperature. 

How Wide Should My Grout Lines Be? 

Tile Materials 

The following tile materials all need grout lines that are at least 1/16”: 

  • Ceramic 
  • Porcelain 
  • Natural stone 

Glass tile requires grout lines that are at least 1/8”. 

Sanded or Unsanded 

Grout can be categorized as sanded or unsanded. 

Unsanded grout is well-suited to walls because of how well it sticks to vertical surfaces. While tastes vary, many people also like how smooth it is. 

On the other hand, sanded grout is ideal for wider joints because it’s thicker and less likely to crack. Its durability makes it well-suited to floors, which experience more wear-and-tear. 

Tile Design 

Thicker grout lines used to be more common because tiles naturally had more variation in size. By spacing these tiles slightly farther apart, the thicker grout lines could help them appear somewhat even. 

These days, many tiles are purposefully cut or ground so that the edges have a uniform appearance. These “rectified tiles” are common, which is why thicker grout lines are seen less often than they used to be. 

That said, some designs choose to feature these irregularities on purpose. Non-rectified tiles typically need at least 3/16” grout lines. If you want thin grout lines, contact one of our locations. We’re South Florida’s tile suppliers of choice, and we’re happy to help you determine which designs are best suited for your project. 

Manufacturer’s Recommendations 

It’s always a good idea to check your manufacturer’s recommendations if you’re unsure how much grout is needed. 

Personal Preference 

Once you’ve determined the minimum grout width necessary to maintain the tiles, you may choose to stick to that minimum or make it a bit wider based on your personal preference. 

For instance, thicker grout lines give more of an Old-World appearance, while modern designs may call for thinner grout lines. If you’re unsure, you can always speak with an interior designer to determine which grout line width is best for the project. 

How Low Can Grout Be? 

Once you’ve determined the width requirements for your grout, you may also be wondering how high it needs to be. If the grout is too low, the tiles become much harder to clean, and you can feel the corners of the tile. 

On the other hand, the grout can’t be even with the tile either. The foot traffic would wear away at it too quickly. 

For these reasons, grout should be close to the surface of the tile but not quite flush with it.


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