How Digital Visualization Tools Are Shaping the Tile Industry

Over the decades, it’s been our pleasure to watch the tile industry’s never-ending innovations. From our tile stores in Hollywood, Florida and the surrounding area, we’ve watched everything from the evolution of digital printing to the industry’s never-ending push to ensure eco-friendliness. 

At Coverings 2022, we had the pleasure to learn more about Crossville’s latest innovations in the space of digital innovation tools. Today, we’d like to share a bit about those tools, as well as explaining why they’re so important. 

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Crossville’s Digital Innovation Tools 

Crossville offers four design visualizers on their site: 

  • TilePlanner 
  • Cross-Vision 
  • Pattern & Mosaic Builder
  • Cursive’s Pattern Builder 

The technology behind this product is already advanced. It’s comparable to a small-scale CAD that’s designed with the tile industry in mind. It’s able to produce pictures that are, to quote Michael Psitos from Maticad USA, “...almost like seeing a photograph of a finished project.” 

It’s also constantly evolving, due to innovations in the AI, AR, and VR spaces. The current focus is on making the technology faster and easier to use. The more accessible it is, the more likely customers are to use it. 

Why This Is So Important 

The average American gets seven hours of non-work-related screen time a day. As Crossville’s Jamie Touton explained at Coverings 2022, consumers have become increasingly accustomed to being able to find all the information they need virtually. In order to keep up, the industry needs to keep innovating in the digital visualization space. 

While the importance of images is already well-established, especially in our industry, digital visualization tools take things a step further, allowing customers to understand what a product looks like from various angles. 

This is especially important for helping ensure that they’re happy with the tile they’ve chosen before it’s installed. Re-renovating is expensive, which is why it’s so important to get it right the first time. 

Why It’s Still a Good Idea to Visit a Tile Store 

These visualization tools are a fantastic resource that you can use to understand what a space might look like. That said, they’re still not a replacement for visiting a store in-person, which offers several major benefits: 

  • Touch – Being able to touch tile is important. After all, if you’re going to be walking along it barefoot, you want to know how it will feel.  
  • Expertise – The ability to discuss tile with a design expert allows you to get all kinds of ideas that you might have trouble finding yourself. 
  • Discovery – Sometimes, customers come in wanting one tile and end up deciding they would prefer something radically different. Visiting a store in-person allows for those moments of discovery. 
design visualization is essential for tile stores in hollywood fl

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