How to Keep Floor Tiles Even

When customers visit our tile stores in Hialeah Florida, and the surrounding area, they often come with specific needs. We might help them find a contractor or find financing for their project. 

We also help them with questions they have. Today, we thought we’d explain how to keep floor tiles even, as well as the issues that can arise if they are left uneven. 

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Is it Okay if My Tile Floor is Uneven? 

No, you want your tile floor to be flat. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t have uneven tiles on your floor: 

  • They’re a safety hazard. 
  • They look messy and unorganized. 
  • They’re a huge problem in the kitchen or bathroom, where they might cause the water to pool in certain areas. 

There are occasional exceptions for specific materials (e.g., seashell floors will not be flat). In these scenarios, you’ll want to speak with a professional to understand how even the tiles need to be. 

How Even Do Tiles Need to Be? 

While you want your floor to be flat, you may be wondering how much variation there can be in thickness. These standards are important, since they can determine whether a tiling job is accepted or rejected. It’s therefore useful to be aware of the lippage standards that experts use. 

For instance, the American National Standards Institute has rules for how much height variation there can be between different tiles. The specific numbers will vary based on the tile’s warpage, as well as how thick the grout lines are. 

Once these factors are determined, you can figure out whether the tiles on your floor can be considered even or uneven. This is particularly useful at the end of a job, when you’re trying to understand if the tiles have been installed correctly or they need to be fixed. 

Can You Lay Tile on an Uneven Floor? 

Yes, tile can be laid on an uneven floor. Typically, your contractor will: 

  • Grind down ridges 
  • Fill dips with mortar 
  • Remove dry mortar 
  • Lay a leveling compound like screed, which the tile can then be laid on top of 
  • Determine whether the floor has been sufficiently flattened for tiling 

Once the proper base has been applied, keeping tiles level is a matter of being conscientious and using the right tools. 

How Do You Deal with Uneven Tiles? 

If your floor tiles are uneven, they will need to be removed and reinstalled. The base is typically the problem, and this can be corrected once the tiles have been removed. 

You’ll want to find a trustworthy contractor who installs the tile correctly. Sometimes, the unevenness of a floor may seem minimal, but once tiles are applied, they often exacerbate any irregularities found on the surface. 

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