“I Can’t Stop Looking at My Own Kitchen . . ."

Heather head shotHeather Henricksen went to D&B Tile Distributors because it was highly recommended by friends and neighbors. “I brought my granite with me along with a piece of my cabinet. I was looking for a subway tile and a light color. When I was in D&B I saw this tile on the wall and I fell in love with it immediately. Sandi Bavota at the Sawgrass store gave us a sample to bring home.

Kitchen with subway tile“Initially we used it as a backsplash under the cabinets. I just loved the appearance. About a month later, we put it above the cabinets. I was even more impressed with how beautiful it was and decided to also put it under my bar area. We finished it off extending it above the pantry. I can’t stop looking at my kitchen. It’s beautiful!

“I used Bret from Cutting Edge Floors and he was excellent. The minute I brought the sample home, I held it up against a sample I had from another tile company. There was no comparison. All our friends and neighbors absolutely love this tile. Even guys, Kitchen and bar with subway tilewho never notice anything, comment on it. My husband is a duck hunter. His friends come in and say ‘I can’t believe how good this looks.’

“I kept thinking about decorative items such as baskets to put above the cabinets. I said, why not more tile? I’ve seen a lot of backsplash tile but never any that was continued above the cabinets such as this. I think it just gives the entire kitchen a great look. We had nothing before other than plain drywall.

“When people come in and comment on it, I just tell them ‘Go to D&B Tile. They have this and a lot more for your projects.’” This particular tile is 2x4" Brickwood Mosaic Tile and can be seen in any of our nine tile stores and authorized dealers conveniently located throughout South Florida. Remember, the first step to a beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.