Increasing the Value of Your Property With Porcelain Tile

There are all kinds of reasons to renovate a home. At our tile stores in Miami and throughout the rest of South Florida, we’ve seen people renovate because their family is growing, parts of their home are looking dated, or they simply want a place that better matches their aesthetic taste. 

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s useful to consider how renovations can impact property values. Today, we’ll discuss the best rooms to renovate to increase property value. We’ll also talk about the reasons why porcelain is valued by home buyers. 

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What Are the Most Important Rooms for Increasing Property Value? 

The right renovations for your home will vary depending on its current state, as well as the market in your area. For instance, if the foyer carpet is old and stained, it’s probably worth replacing it with a different flooring material. 

You can rely on your own judgment, but it’s also useful to speak with a real estate agent or interior designer, who can tell you which renovations home buyers are most likely to respond to. 

That said, these two rooms tend to provide the most value for your dollar when performing renovations: 

  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom 

These are the two rooms that home buyers are most likely to focus on because they’re the rooms that are the most difficult to improve. When renovating these rooms, it’s useful to consider the kind of upgrades that are going to be the most effective. 

For instance, there may be situations where you need to replace appliances, or even move them. However, changing the plumbing of a room can be more expensive, since it requires so much more labor. 

Instead, it’s useful to look for changes that can freshen up a room without requiring you to completely overhaul the structure. For instance, a new kitchen backsplash can sometimes be just what a room needs to look new. 

If you need to change the structure of a room, it’s worthwhile to look at some of the latest design trends. For instance, homeowners have come to value walk-in showers and kitchen islands, which means your home can be easier to sell if it has these features. 

Why Homeowners Love Porcelain 

Porcelain offers a number of advantages that make it desirable to homeowners. It can be placed in a variety of different locations because it is heat-resistant, mold-resistant, and scratch-resistant. While some materials can easily be damaged by the conditions of kitchens or bathrooms, porcelain just requires simple cleaning. 

Its longevity is also appealing, especially to owners who aren’t ready to sell right away. You can get porcelain now and rest easy knowing you shouldn’t have to replace it before you sell. This is useful if you’re slowly getting the house ready over a number of years.

How Can a Miami Tile Store Help You Increase the Value of Your Home?

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