Introducing D&B Tile’s Custom Bullnose Machine

We’re proud to announce that the D&B Tile Sawgrass store has its very own custom bullnose machine. With this machine, our team is able to make bullnose and micro-bevel any tile you have. Whether you have purchased it with us or not, whether it is because you want an exact match, or maybe just because you have a special custom job – no matter the reason – we’ve got you covered. According to Harold Yarborough, D&B Tile’s President, “The reason for the investment in the machine is to serve our customers faster and more efficiently. This machine allows us to customize bullnose for any project that they need done or micro-bevel the edges of tile needed for specific installations.” Oftentimes with traditional bullnose that’s ordered direct from a manufacturer, there are color variations because the bullnose is usually produced in a different facility. If you create the bullnose with the machine using the same tile you purchased, you’ll get an exact match every time. What is Bullnose Tile? Bullnose tile is essentially when the tile has rounded edges. It is typically considered a finishing piece, edge treatment, or trim. Designers often use bullnose tile to frame the edges of a design. It can be used in kitchen backsplashes, wall tiles, around windows, tile baseboard designs, countertops, bathtubs, drop-down living areas, tiled shower niches, or decorative trim. Most often, bullnose tile has one rounded edge but in certain cases, it may need two rounded edges for corner pieces. Measuring for bullnose tile can be very difficult and time-consuming and when it’s not done properly, ordering additional bullnose from the manufacturer can eat up precious time in delivering a project. What is Micro-Beveling? Micro-beveling creates a small beveled edge on tiles, which helps avoid chipping or cracking when tiles are butted together. Also, micro-beveling comes in very handy when you need to cut larger tile down to a smaller size. Some Examples of Saving the Day (or Project Shall We Say) Recently we had a contractor working on a project with 12x24 tiles. Unfortunately, he needed more tiles but didn’t have the time to reorder from the manufacturer and wait weeks to receive additional pallets. Luckily, D&B Tile had the same color tile in 24x24 and we were able to cut that tile down to the size he needed. The contractor and the customer were thrilled, both got a finished project weeks before they thought they would. Whether you’re looking for bullnose tile or micro-beveled edges, D&B Tile of Sunrise can definitely help you out. Bring in tiles from anywhere or find them in one of our nine showroom locations. Plus, a little birdy told us that soon D&B Tile will have a new tile cutting machine where we’ll be able to customize mosaics from any tile. But let’s keep that our little secret for now.