Introducing Marvel Gems: Floor & Wall Tile

M GEMS CONCEPT 2Atlas Concorde recently introduced Marvel Gems, a line of floor and wall tiles that were inspired by Venetian terrazzo and bring a modern elegance to any space. Venetian terrazzo was originally developed by construction workers in Venice, Italy as a low-cost flooring option for patios and living areas. Originally a mix of marble chips and clay set in goat’s milk, these days terrazzo has many aggregate blends including materials like mother of pearl or glass in an epoxy-based, polymer-based, or cement-based mixture. With Atlas Concorde’s Marvel Gems, you have a stunning option for both floor and wall tiles inspired by historic beauty. The Atlas Concorde Marvel Gems porcelain floor tiles come in eight different styles including Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Cream, Terrazzo Pearl, Terrazzo Gray, Terrazzo Black, Palladiana Carrara, Terrazzo Mix Cold, and Terrazzo Mix Warm. Each has a V2 Moderate shade variation and comes in five different sizes, ranging from large format tile in 29.5x59" to smaller tiles in 12x24". The Marvel Gems line also offers porcelain decors such as the Marvel Half Hex Warm Lappato to add unique pattern detail to the flooring. This beautiful floor tiling has a seamless appearance that lends itself well to large and luxurious spaces. To add further elegance and seamless appearance, Atlas Concorde also offers Marvel Gems wall tiles with coordinating wall decors, Micromosaico. The wall tiles come in six different styles including Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Cream, Terrazzo Pearl, Terrazzo Grey, Terrazzo Blue, and Palladiana Carrara. Available in either 19.685x43.25" or 15.75x31.5", the Marvel Gems wall tiles have a shiny rectified finish and a V2 Moderate shade variation. Whether it is a luxury showroom or a residential bathroom, the combination of terrazzo wall tile with the complementing Micromosaico gives a refined elegance that shimmers. According to Michael Kravit of Kravit Architectural, “Over the past 10 years, I have specified Atlas Concorde products on many of my firm's projects, ranging from small private professional offices to large corporations. Atlas Concorde porcelain floor and wall tile has allowed me to design responsive and aesthetically pleasing solutions that get rave reviews from my clients. “Recently, Atlas Concord introduced my firm to the amazing Marvel Gems product line, a tile reminiscent of fine Venetian Terrazzo. The incredible array of available tile colors and sizes has us very excited. No longer will our clients have to contend with the traditional noisy, dusty, wet grinding and polishing of the traditional terrazzo installation. “Marvel Gems has emerged as an integral part of our latest design efforts.” D&B Tile Distributors is proud to carry this line of tile that brings a modern chic style with a touch of historic significance. To view some design implementations and product details, check out the Atlas Concorde Marvel Gems Catalog. You can also view any of the options at one of D&B Tile Distributor’s nine South Florida tile showroom locations. Our expert tile designers can help you with all your project needs in just one visit. Whether you need tools, tiles, or tips, we’ve got you covered. Remember, the first step to a beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.