Introducing Norstone's "XL" series Rock Panel

Norstone's “XL” series Rock Panel

Norstone has been successfully manufacturing and selling their flagship stacked stone veneer Rock Panel system worldwide for over a decade. Seeing a need for the same style of product but on a larger scale, the new “XL” series Rock Panel was designed and introduced to fill the need for more sizeable projects that were looking to leverage the easy installation of the panel system concept, but needed a look suited to their larger scale. With individual stone sizes ranging up to 3" tall and 10" wide, the XL Series will have around 8 or 9 individual stones per sq ft, roughly half the amount of the standard series, making it ideal for big projects like commercial and residential facades, retaining and neighborhood walls, or anywhere a larger format stacked stone look is needed.

The XL Series Rock Panel is currently available in two colors, Ochre Blend and Charcoal, which are ideally suited for the exterior applications that so often demand a larger scale product. Ochre Blend is an earth tone based blend of colors consisting of browns, greys, and rust colored accents, while the Charcoal color offers a consistently light to dark grey color range with faceting or sparkle created by the quartz content of the stone.

In addition the individual stone sizes, the one major difference between Norstone's XL and Standard Series is the stepped or interlocking end pattern offered only on the XL. With a larger format stone, the stepped or interlocking end is needed to minimize the appearance of vertical seams where two panels come together. One thing that has not changed is the precision manufacturing and quality components that we've come to expect from Norstone, including a high grade two part ply epoxy used to adhere the individual stones together and Norstone's unique outside corner unit - the only multiple finger joint designed corner unit in the stone veneer market.

All of Norstone's products are available in all nine D&B locations. Be on the lookout for new colors being added to the XL Series in the future and talk to your D&B contact about the design possibilities of this product on your next project.