Is Penny Tile Right for You?

First popularized during the Industrial Revolution, penny tiles are an excellent option for many homeowners, especially homeowners looking to redo their bathrooms. 

Their unique design comes with a long history, and we’ve seen many homes use it to great effect. Today, we’ll explain what you should know when shopping for penny tile in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area. This includes design considerations as well as practicalities.

penny tile in palm beach

What to Know Before Getting Penny Tile 

Penny tile can be made from a variety of different materials. Ceramic and porcelain are popular choices, but glass and stone are also common. 

It can be great in areas that are frequently exposed to liquids or those which have high levels of foot traffic. If you choose to use penny tile for shower or bathroom flooring, make sure to check its slip resistance rating. Some glass penny tiles can get slippery, but this will vary depending on the tile. 

For all of its advantages, penny tiles can be time-consuming to install. It’s important to line them up precisely and ensure you’re using the right amount of grout. Otherwise, it’s easy for the grout to overflow. It can also be difficult to clean. 

How Can You Incorporate Penny Tile Design into Your Home?

Penny tile can be used for floors, walls, backsplashes, and more. 

As our friends at WhyTile recently discussed, it's especially great for vintage-style bathrooms. It was originally popularized for its clean look, which is why traditional penny tile layouts tend to be simple. 

If you’ve been in vintage-style bathrooms, you likely recognize the white, equidistant circles that penny tiles are most well-known for. 

That said, as time has gone on, designers have developed all kinds of patterns. White is far from the only color you can choose. In fact, it can be fun to match different colors of penny tile or to even give them a different texture. 

We’ve even seen people use actual pennies! 

Sometimes homeowners come to us with ideas of how they want their penny tile to look. In other cases, we’re happy to speak with them about their project and partner them with a design expert. 

Of course, you can also find several examples of penny tile at our store, from suppliers like: 

What Other Kinds of Mosaic Tile Can You Get? 

Penny tile is just one of the many kinds of mosaic tile you can get. If you like the creativity of penny tiles but aren’t sure about the shape, you can get pretty much any kind of shape you can imagine. 

For some ideas of what’s available, you can check out the mosaic section of our website. WhyTile also has a mosaic page that can give you great ideas.

penny tile in a palm beach kitchen

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