Kertile's Amazing Oslo Collection


Recently graduated as an interior designer, my first project as a professional was to design a booth for a prestigious clothing brand for the upcoming Miami fashion week.

This brand encompassed a collection from colorful trendy outfits, to that of funky cowboy themes and earthy colored clothes. Mixing these earth tones with Bright’s and pastels were for me a challenge as the materials chosen for my first project had to be perfect.

After researching many products for the main area of my layout, I decided on a 6”X24” wood looking porcelain tile. I chose the Oslo Collection which I found at D&B Tile Distributors. This wood lookwas the best decision for the concept I thought after listening to the expert opinions of the Design & Sales Team at D&B Tile Distributors in Pompano.

That day I learned you do not need to be a designer to realize the true benefits of using porcelain tiles. Asides from the countless design options and colors that can be achieved; porcelain has a lower degree of water absorption vs. ceramic and is more durable, making it a versatile building product. Thefinish is easy to maintain and is a great selection for residential or commercial projects.

My project to this point had been a success; the backdrop of the booth looked like real wood, only better! The mix of colors and textures used to decorate the booth just popped. Same as with the clothing brandwas hired to promote. The booth had been a success!!


Kertiles Oslo collection is available in three colors, Bianco, Grey, and walnut. It comes in 6 "x 24" rectified porcelain. The materials used are of premium quality infused with the latest inkjet technology.


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