Love the Look but Hate the Slate?

Here's the Beauty of Slate Without the Maintenance

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural products such as slate but factors in the extensive maintenance required when making a buying decision. It is not, hard, durable and impervious to destruction. Slate is, in fact, extremely porous. It is not wash and go, low maintenance flooring. It requires love and attention and a fair amount of upkeep.If not properly polished or sealed, slate will be extremely susceptible to liquid absorption and staining. Its surface has natural grooves and pockets (even in seemingly smooth tile) that will hold dirt and debris.


Kertiles has made that decision much easier for residential and commercial customers with an exciting new line of porcelain tiles that have the look and feel of actual slate! Check out the beautiful Sonoma Series of slate-look tiles by Kertilles.

The smooth textured finish coupled with the natural appearance of veining throughout the Sonoma series gives you the impression of having the “real thing” while enjoying the maintenance free characteristics of porcelain tile.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this product works well in both residential and commercial applications. It is a great choice for the discerning end user looking to incorporate the look and feel of slate while eliminating the costly maintenance associated with natural products.

Available in 12X24 and 24X24 sizes this product can adorn a feature wall or can simply be carried throughout the main floor areas for a look that won’t tire. It’s durability, beauty, and colors, are achievable with today’s ink-jet technology.

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