See What's Cooking in Our Kitchen... Laminam by Crossville

When asked how to best show off Crossville's new Laminam large porcelain tile panel, Sunrise branch manager Martha Alvarez had the perfect response. “Put it in the kitchen.” The next time you are in our D&B Tile Distributors' Sawgrass location, stop by the kitchen just off the main showroom to see our latest remodeling effort. This beautiful installation by Professional Flooring Contractors (PFC). showcases the amazing versatility and variety of designs possible with this groundbreaking line from Laminam by Crossville.

sawgrass kitchen laminam before

Offering a wide range of colors and sizes ranging from 1 meter x 3 meters x 3mm for walls and 3 meters x 1 meters x 5.6 mm for flooring, the combinations of colors, sizes and designs are virtually endless. Vertical stripes were the selected theme in the kitchen remodeling but tiles could have easily been set horizontally or on an angle for an equally pleasing effect.

sawgrass kitchen laminam after

Inspired by the idea of developing the largest and thinnest Porcelain slab ever seen that would multiply the fields ofapplication compared to a standard Porcelain product, Laminam has developed a new concept of surface with universal potential and versatility that adds new value to the building, architecture and interior design world.

Laminam is a company but also a product; a technological system which is above all a truly versatile, flexible and exceptional solution with high aesthetic and technical performances; for the first time ever it is now possible to use large surfaces in previously unthinkable applications. It is the first ever large format slab with a thickness of just 3 mm: an aesthetically innovative surface with exceptional technical performance; a real skin for contemporary architecture, an epochal innovation that has revolutionized the way of dressing spaces and volumes.

Crossville Tiles . . . exclusively offered by D&B Tile Distributors in our nine locations throughout south Florida. Stop by today and be amazed.