Continuing Education at D&B With Crossville's Laminam Series

A hands-on workshop featuring Crossville's new Laminam series large format porcelain tile was held last week at D&B Tile's Corporate Office and Showroom in Sunrise, FL. As part of their ongoing renovation and efforts to showcase new products, the employee kitchen is being completely remodeled using the Laminam series of floor and wall tiles.

robert sutnick

According to Crossville's South Florida Architectural Rep Robert Sutnick, “The Laminam series large format tiles comes in 3x10 feet panels. The wall tiles are 3 mm thick; floor tiles are 5.6 mm thick. Each panel weighs 55 lbs and is easily cut to size to fit any installation. The workshop allows contractors and installers the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the skills and tools required to install this material. It handles much like porcelain tiles in the sense that you use thin set, cutting tools and trowels. In addition to skilled technicians from Crossville, we also had D&B representatives on hand to answer questions and to assist the participants.”

This material is specified primarily for interior vertical surfaces using the 3mm tile and 5.6 mm tile for floors. Laminam has applications in hospitality, residences and healthcare especially for the vertical installations. Many applications are used for refurbishing because the 3mm material can be set directly over tile. The D&B workshop installed Laminam directly over existing 20 year old tiles.

“Current installations in south Florida include a Holiday Inn elevator landing where Laminam was used because of its resistance to scuffing and impact. Regal Theaters has it installed in their lobby. Holy Cross Hospital is about to use this material to refurbish their bathrooms. This will be especially cost-efficient since it will go directly over existing tile eliminating the need for any tear out. Miami International Airport is awaiting approval on color for interiors on the hotel at the airport. It will be used as a wainscot for the corridors to protect wear and tear from housekeeping and luggage carts while modernizing the appearance of the hotel. LAMINAM BANNER“There is also a pilot mockup at a local hospital emergency room which will prevent wall damage from gurneys. The Laminam will be able to handle the impact and provide easy cleanup. We also have an installation at Lynn University in their cafeteria again used as a wainscot because of the durability and clean ability of the product as well as its appearance.

“The product is versatile, lightweight and easy to work with. We're finding that installers who may be initially resistant to work with this find that it is very lightweight and easy to cut. Each panel weighs about 55 lbs and measures 3 x 10 feet. Once they attend a workshop, contractors develop an understanding of logistical planning in moving the pieces around the workspace.”

Laminam is offered in 3x10 ft (1 meter x 3 meter) sizes. It can be cut down in 1 sq/ meter sizes or in quarter panels for delivery. In the wall series there are 55 colors. The floor series offers 20 colors. Speak with your D&B representative or visit one of our locations in South Florida. Laminam is stocked in the Crossville, TN warehouse with a 10-day delivery cycle.