"My Brother-in-Law Bernie Works for this Tile Store and He Said ...”

imageIf you have worked in the tile business for any length of time, chances are you have had a phone call that begins like that. The best advice would probably be to run or hang up. It only gets worse. Here's how it usually goes . . .

"My brother-in-law Bernie said he has some great tile that is specially priced (means discontinued) and he can get it at a good price. He is a high school math teacher during the week, so he knows how to calculate the EXACT amount of tile we need (he has no clue). We're going to buy everything directly from him. We just need you to come out and install the tile . . .”

This is the perfect storm but you grudgingly accept the job. After all is finished, the next phone call goes like this: "Hello, we're calling about the tile you just installed. The tile color doesn't look the same throughout the house. We don't like the grout color and the neighbors downstairs at our condo say they can hear us walking around. We're also a few tiles short. This must all be your fault because you installed the tile. Can you come out tomorrow and fix all of this ... at no additional charge?"

Don't let this happen to you. Have your customers come to any of our D&B Tile Distributorsnine conveniently locatedstores or authorized dealers in south Florida. There they will meet with a qualified tile professional who will make absolutely certain they know what they are getting and exactly what is needed to complete the job. And, that includes suggesting sound control if they live in a condo. Guest would be able to view a selection of porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stone and marble from reputablevendors from around the world. D&B Tile will make your customer an educated consumer which leads to a stress-free installation.

Here's an actual letter we received from one of our tile contractor customers explaining why he uses only D&B Tile and recommends that all of his customers buy their tile from us ...

"Hi, I'm an independent contractor. I have to say that working with D&B Tile has been one of the best experiences in my entire career. I am used to getting material from several suppliers so I know what I'm talking about. There have been times that I had to shop around for porcelain tile to make my customers happy. This is because of pricing, color schemes, or even tile size. But since I tried D&B Tile I can say out loud that I have found the one stop tile shop for me.

"I have landed work through some of the big name retailers in the home improvement game (I won't say their names but you know who I'm talking about). I don't always have trouble with them but I have had some customers who thought they wanted something from these stores and it turns out that they were wrong. So guess who's left holding the bag? I am. I have to find something to match what that customer wants or risk my business reputation.

"Well, so far I can say I have made every customer of mine happy when I work with D&B Tile Distributors. You guys have such a selection of tile and other products that I'm bound to find something my customers will enjoy. Plus, you also stay highly educated and up to date with new technologies which help me out tremendously. I have done so many kitchen, bathroom, and living room,jobs using your tile installation materials that I know I can use just D&B Tile as my go to supplier from now on."