Need a Pattern Guide for Floor Tile? Crossville has a Great Resource for You!

Sometimes options can be a bit overwhelming and we've often heard that the potential patterns for tile installations are one of those overwhelming dilemmas. Several years ago, Crossville published a floor tile pattern guide to help ease that selection process. Since then, it has been a go-to reference for the tile industry providing a resource for designers, architects, contractors, and do-it-yourself home owners. With just under 100 different patterns, Crossville provides percentages needed to complete each pattern as well as tile series suggestions and photo examples. VIEW THE FULL FLOOR TILE PATTERN GUIDE HERE Use the pattern guide for inspiration on your future projects and our Tile Design experts are always happy to help you with your selection process. Visit one of our nine South Florida tile showrooms, where you'll find an abundance of Crossville tile to complete the design of your dreams.