Porcelain Tile Miami | Why You Should Install High Definition Porcelain Tiles in Your Home

Porcelain tile Miami is a great flooring solution for your home for inside and outside applications. While many people associate porcelain with figurines, porcelain can be found almost anywhere around the house. On countertops, shower walls, floors, or wherever you like, porcelain can make a room to stand out and show other tiles who’s the boss.

Not the Boring Tile of Yesteryear

As for your porcelain tile flooring, instead of the repetitive, grainy look of ‘80s screen-printed tiles or the dull dotty look of ink-jet printing, the high-definition porcelain tile surface glaze is digitally printed on the tiles. The designs are sprayed onto the tiles to give their patterns an edgy, varied natural appearance, greater variety of colors, textures, and patterns, as well as a high-quality final look. High Definition Porcelain tiles are designed to look like many different materials such as wood and slate look-a-likes concrete, and even fabric, and even up-close are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Benefits of High Definition Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles can mimic limestone, granite, stone, and marble. Today, tile manufacturers are getting creative since the advent of digital ink technology. HDP tiles are varied and have minimal repetition and can be manufactured in more extensive lengths. Gone are the days when rollers were used to create patterns on the tiles. The length of the HDP tiles can now be 72 inches or more to perfectly imitate natural wood flooring. Why choose HDP tiles? Here are some more reasons why you should:
  • HDP can duplicate any graphic image on a tile
  • Allows for a vast range of color and variation
  • Graphics not repeated up to 80 feet
  • HDP glaze is durable and exceeds all ANSI/ASTM standards
  • Trims can be matched precisely using the same glazing process
  • Environmentally friendly process and is low maintenance
The method of HDP tiles also increases consistency between field tiles and edge pieces such as chair rails, bullnoses, and cove bases. who offers the best porcelain tile miami?

Want to Upgrade Your Boring Tile? Get Our Porcelain Tile Miami!

Porcelain tile Miami is made from more beautiful, denser clay and fired at a higher temperature to create a less porous and harder tile. If you want to get creative with your tile choice, visit our D&B Tile showrooms to view our wide selection of porcelain tiles. Contact us for more information.