DB Gap (Admix Plus) Works to Keep Grout Clean...

Dani Tobaly, owner of the Vine Vera cosmetic store located at the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach, purchased his tile at the D&B Tile Pompano branch. He also purchased the DBGap (SGM Grout Admix Plus). This is a grout additive designed for supreme stain protection when used with Portland cement based grouts in lieu of mixing water.

When he returned to the store for another purchase, he told us how pleased he was with the product and noted that it was just as easy as adding water. And, it makes his grout easy to keep clean. Considering the amount of traffic he receives in this busy mall, which is no small task.

SGM Security Grout is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications, with all types of tile, marble granite, and slate in service areas such as showers, floors and countertops. This unique product is available in all nine D&B Tile Distributor locations. Ask any of our four sales represenativesfor more information.