Should I Get Glass Tiles or Ceramic Tiles?

If you’re planning of installing a new backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen, new tiles from D&B Tile Distributors are what you need to give a portion of your home a little pop of personality and color. However, do you know which type best suits your room? If you don’t know which type of tile to choose, it’s a good thing you crossed upon this article. Below are the details that will show you whether a ceramic tile or glass tile Delray Beach should be used. who offers the best bathroom tiles doral?

Ceramic Tile versus Glass Tile

What’s the Difference?

Glass tile Delray Beach is created from thin pieces of glass with a luminous and radiant glaze fired onto the back of every tile. It is sold in beautiful patterns, either predesigned or individually. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are created from firing specific clay at high temperatures. Aside from what and how they are created, these tiles have different characteristics and applications.


With an eco-friendly feature, zero water absorption, easy to clean feature, and unmatched beauty, glass tile Delray Beach is the perfect tile for your kitchen and bathroom backsplash. Several glass tiles are created from recycled materials and even if they are not, they are still 100% recyclable after use. As you have known, glass is impermeable to water. Hence, you can trust glass tiles when placed in bathroom backsplashes. In contrast, ceramic tiles are easy to install and more affordable than glass tiles. With little practice, patience, and a good DIY guide, you can undoubtedly install ceramic tiles. who offers bathroom tiles doral florida?

Why Choose Glass Tile Delray Beach?

Although glass tiles are a bit expensive than ceramic tiles, several homeowners favor glass over ceramic tiles because of its zero water absorption and easy to clean features. However, if you’re a bit tight on the budget, you may consider a combination of ceramic and glass tiles. This may be installed by placing ceramic tiles for the majority of areas in the room and installing glass tiles as an accent in water prone areas. Thus, if you’re looking for a compromise between the 2 types of tiles, this solution is the perfect one to balance your cost while considering the beauty of your room. Contact D&B Tile Distributors to get more ideas!