Small But Stunning: Tiling The Half Bath

"We have a half bath that is primarily for guests. It's time to update the space. Should we use large tiles or small?"

"We have gutted our tiny half bath and are choosing paint and tile colors. What's best, light or dark?"

"How can we trick the eye into seeing our half bath as larger than a broom closet?"

Your half bath does not have to have the appearance of being an after thought or just a necessity. Consider the following as you create a small guest bath with the look and feel of style.

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Bathroom Tiles:Large or small?

You might assume that small tiles are the way to go in a small space, butlarger tileswill actuallycause the illusion ofmore room. Logically speaking, small tiles equal more grout lines than the installation of large tiles. Many grout lines tend to cause the feeling of being boxed in. If your half bath is tiny, you might want to consider large tiles.


Color Scheme: Light or Dark for a Spacious Feel

It has been said that prominent use of darkcolors will "close in" your space. If you choose dark tiles, be sure the grout is the same color as the tile. Remember, less lines = illusion of more space. Going lighter with your tile and paint will open up the room. Consider marrying a darker shade tile in the corners of the room. You can always accent your half bath with dark accessories.

When darker colors are your preference, use a combination of light and dark shades, with no greater than 50% of your scheme falling into the "dark zone."


How can we trick the eye into seeing a space that is larger than it is?

You can create the illusion of more floor space by laying tiles diagonally. When tiles are placed in a diamond pattern, whether the tiles are small or large, it prevents the eye from automatically looking at the down and acrossmode.

Consider combining square and rectangulartiles in an indiscriminate pattern toincrease the feel of the floor space.

We can help you make the most of a small space.Contact us and come by our showroomto view our lines of tiles. We can help choose the colors and patterns that will make the most of your space while considering your personal style.