The Beginner’s Guide to Room Design

Design is key to ensuring you’re happy with a room. Whether you’re building a whole new house in Sarasota or just looking to add porcelain tile in Hollywood FL, it’s useful to understand what you want from your room before you put significant time and money into it. Let’s discuss the room design process and the importance of professional designers. 


How to Design a Room 

When designing a room, it’s helpful to break the process down so that it’s less intimidating. Laurie Smith, of TLC’s Trading Spaces, describes it as a five-step process. 

Evaluate the Space 

A room’s design needs to consider its space. This means taking both size and architectural elements into account. By focusing on what’s already there, you can find aspects you want to emphasize, as well as those you want to design against. 

Determine the Layout 

Once you understand the space, you want to measure it. This information, combined with the dimensions of your furniture, helps you understand how traffic will flow through the room. It also lets you understand how much furniture can fit in a space. This is one of the more technical stages of design, but you don’t need to be familiar with CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to make it work. Graph paper and a pencil can function just as well.  

Address the Lighting 

Lighting can make or break a room. You’ll want to balance three different kinds of lighting sources: 

  • Natural 
  • Lamp 
  • Ceiling 

Your room needs to be well lit to ensure that everyone can see your wonderful design choices! 

Decide on Textiles 

Textiles introduce additional colors, textures, and patterns to the room, so you’ll want to consider how they look within the context of your floors and ceiling. While you can match these items, the human eye is drawn to contrasts, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to make bold choices. 

Choose Your Wall Color 

Finally, Laurie Smith recommends leaving your walls to the end of the design process. It’s easier to find walls that work with a textile you found, as opposed to hoping you like the textiles that work with your walls. As we’ve previously discussed, there are many considerations to make when choosing the right wall tile. 

Hiring a Designer Versus Doing It Yourself 

We always recommend hiring a designer or working with a consultant, as opposed to trying to do it all by yourself. Even if you have experience, a designer can provide a new perspective, giving you ideas you wouldn’t have considered by yourself. They can also help you stay within budget, since they’ll understand how best to use the money you have allocated for the project. Just as important, they help you understand how design decisions can impact how the real estate market values your home. 


Looking for Porcelain Tile in Hollywood, FL? 

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