The Many Benefits to Stone Tile!

Whether you are rejuvenating your living space, or building your new dream home,stone tile is an affordable and luxurious way to update your home.The large collection ofproducts on the markettoday ensures that every personcan find a style, color and pricingperfect for their needs. In addition to their beauty and elegance, stone tiles also offer additional valuable benefits as well.

Heating/Cooling Benefits - NatuGAL Brilliante LO 2 - Copyral stone tiles are perfect for hot summers, giving every room a cool and fresh feeling underfoot. And, during that cold winter, stone flooring can be installed with a heated sub-floor. The heat createdby the sub-flooringwill permeate the stone floor, stone beinga natural conductor, and rise through the room. This will save you on heating costs.

  • Health Benefits - Stone tiles are wonderful for people with allergies or asthma as they are easy to clean and do not retain allergens like carpet does.Stone flooring can be easily cleaned with Ph balanced, hypoallergenic products or special products, making it a choice hygienic option.

  • Cleaning Benefits - Carpet can be very difficult and costly to keep clean. Stone tile, however, is extremely easy to sweep, vacuum, mop or steam-mop quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

  • Options - With the vast variety of stone colors and texturesto choose from there is a perfect stone tile for everyone. You can choose from different finishes, such as natural, semi-gloss or gloss surface treatment.Stone tile is flexible and can be cut to any application, shape or sizeeasily. Whether you are looking to tile your kitchen, bathroom, backsplashes, outside or inside the design options are endless.


  • Value - Natural stone tile always invokes feelings of timeless elegance and sophistication. Adding stone to your home makes it far more desirable and marketable. Though the upfront investment in the stone tiles may bemore expensivethan other flooring choices, the return on your investment far outweighs the cost in the long run.

  • Durability - Stone tiling is considered permanent. As long as the tile is maintained properly it will last indefinitely.However they do need to be periodically resealed in order to protect them from staining, this is a small cost compared to the fact that you will never have to replace your flooring again. Also, if an accident does happen the stone can be resurfaced and sealed.

There's no doubt that stone tiling is a fantastic choice for all your flooring, wall and accent needs. To create your custom tile lookcontact usand find out how we can fulfill your stone tile needs. Be sure to protect your investment with one of our sealing processes. D&B Tile's exclusiveQ-Sealpermanently seals stone for lifebefore installation. We also offerPreseal services foryour stonetile with any sealer of your choice before installing your marble floor.All stone polished or unpolished must be sealed to prevent staining andprotects your stone forever.