Things to Consider When Choosing Tile for Your Commercial Building

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your commercial building. Picking the right building material can determine the entire vibe of the business. There are also many factors you’d need to keep in mind when choosing the right tile for your commercial or home design in West Palm Beach. Home Design West Palm Beach

Why It’s Important

The design of your building may determine how many people are interested in visiting your company. You want to set a good first impression, and you want something that’s both beautiful and durable. Material that’s easy to maintain is also a great option for commercial services. Some of the benefits of using tile in a commercial space include:

Factors to Keep in Mind

Before you think about the design you want for your commercial building, there is a lot you should keep in mind. Not considering these factors will have a significant impact on your facility. Think about these things when picking the best tile for your commercial building.


Your commercial facility will have a lot of foot traffic, so you’ll need a material that can withstand it. You’ll also want something that can be easy to maintain so it won’t look too bad after a few years. Your best options are ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone when you’re looking for something durable to put on your floors.


The size of your tile matters because the wrong size can make a space appear smaller or larger than you anticipated. To pick the best size tile for a room, measure it and determine the proportional look you want.


We’re sure you’re familiar with color psychology! The hue of tile you pick for your commercial building can determine the vibe you want to give off. Shades of color matter, too. For example, lighter colors will make a space appear larger and darker hues give a space more warmth.


The texture of the tiles you choose to put on your floors is crucial. You want something with a nice finish, and depending on your industry, you’ll need something that’s slip-resistant. It’s also a good idea to consider what areas are more prone to moisture so you can choose a water-resistant tile for that area.


The style of tile you choose for your commercial building says a lot about its character. Some of the most popular types available are subway tile, stone tile, wood tile, and tumbled tile. High traffic areas will benefit from wood finishes, while marbleized tile is perfect for a place that wants to appear more formal. Home Design West Palm Beach

Best Buildings for Tile Installations

If you own a commercial building, we’ve listed some of the best areas for tile installations.


The lobby of an office building is the perfect place to install tiles on the floor. The kind you choose will determine the appearance you want your company to emulate. Tiles on the countertop can also make a company seem more elegant.


Depending on what you’re selling in your retail store, you want your building to have the right design. High-end stores would want fancy-looking materials like marble to show elegance.


Heavy foot traffic areas like restaurants need durable tiled floors. They also need materials to use on the floors, walls, and tables that are easy to keep clean, especially in the kitchen, where spills are prone to happening.


Healthcare buildings can also benefit from tile installations. It provides a calming feel, which is ideal for keeping patients in a good state of mind. It’s also safe, which is important for healthcare facilities! Home Design West Palm Beach

Are You Interested in Doing a Commercial or Home Design in West Palm Beach?

Picking the best tile design for your home or commercial design can make or break the layout you want to achieve. Choose from a wide variety of tiles and other building materials from D&B that can help you get the design of your dreams. Give us a call if you have any questions!