Installing Glass Mosaic Tile in Pools

GCT1 fountain adjusted 120913Summertime is the peak season for swimming, and a pool enhanced with glass mosaic tile has a custom look that sparkles and shines in the sun. As a deck accent or a pattern that lines the bottom of your pool, glass tile is a beautiful, practical material that is ideal for submerged or outdoor installations.

Glass tile is impervious to frost and heat, and when it is properly installed, it is resistant to damage. Although glass is typically a slippery surface, the small sizes of mosaic glass tiles create a texture that offers solid footing. Most types of glass mosaic tiles are easy to cut with glass nippers, so you can create beautiful shapes and patterns.

The most challenging aspect of glass mosaic tile in pools is to achieve a proper installation that will last for many years. When installing glass mosaic tile in submerged areas, it is imperative to choose a modified thinset that is compatible with glass tile and rated for use in submerged applications.

GPB2 pool

The pool substrate is carefully prepared and waterproofed before tile installation, and the thinset applied and cured based on the manufacturer’s guidance. The correct type of grout is appropriate for use with glass, and it is also resilient to pool chemicals. Purchasing your materials from us will ensure that you have the correct products for the job.

Submerged glass mosaic tile requires careful installation, but this durable material offers a beautiful look that will last for many years. To see more glass mosaic tile for your pool visit our pool tile catalog or contact us today for complete information about our glass mosaic tiles for pools.